Ode to livejournal

OH live journal how you used to be popular,
oh live journa; how you used to be cool.
oh live journal now your gay,
And I never write in you anymore.
Oh how you are gay livejournal.
Live jouranl, if you were a bum, I wouldn't give you money.
If you were an orphan, I wouldn't take you in.
If you were a homo, I wouldn't even bother looking at you.
If you were a really big homo I would turn around and walk the other way.
If you were Ashley Simpson trying to sing, I would llaugh in your face.
If you were the last living organism on earth, I would eat you for food.
Live journal, you've lost your spark, nobody likes you anymore.
everybody likes myspace. Ya thats right myspace.
So go cry to your momma.
And find some new friends.
Because this is the last entry your gonna get from me.
this is stud_muffin16 signing out.
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Wow, I think that I've really forgoten sbout this site. I never go on it anymore. Well Summer is already here and I have done nothing. Wrestling started today and we have some new blood.(freshmen) I got elected as class Rep for my Junior year and I'm pretty stoked. Shawn has gone camping and so has Jeremy. I'm thinking about buying a knotts pass so I can go to Knotts. I don't know what else to do so
I'm gonna write a Virtuous story for whoever to enjoy!

A Virtuous Story
Spencer D. Clark

Once upon a time in the land Snood there lived a fat little boy named JOJO. He was a very selfish little boy and he never wanted to share. As JOJO was walking through the forest eating his CHEESE. A poor little black boy came out and said to JOJO, "Pease Sir, may I have have a crumb of your cheese. Now JOJO being a rotten fat little boy said, "HELL NO!, YOU MOTHER F-----G N---R!!!!!!.' 'NO body asks me for my CHEESE nobody!(say this in a sqeeky irritating voice)
NO JOJO thought that his crualty went unheard, but little did he know that way up in the trees wise, old, owl Watson heard every word. As JOJO was kicking the little boy, wise old owl Watson thought up a plan soooo ingenius he alsmost fell out of his nest.
Wise old owl Watson flew down to JOJO and picked him up by his man boobs and flew him all the way to the other side of the world. After they landed wise old owl Watson made JOJO eat 16 tons of CHEESE. Wise old owl Watson thought that this would be a clever form of punishment JOJO, but surprisingly JOJO ate it all,... the wanted more!
Wise old owl Watson was tired of JOJO's wining and high pitched squeeky voice. So he thought that he would teach him a lesson about Rasicm. JOJO was a white boy who looke like he neveer got out in the sun so he knew the perfect punshment for him. He dressed JOJO up in a nice white outfit with tall pointy hat that covered his face. Then Wise old owl Watson picked up JOJO by his man boobs again and flew him off.
6 miles away there was a "Black Panther Convention" being held. Wise old owl Watson dropped JOJO Right through the roof. JOJO learned his lesson that day about Rasicm and its flaws.
So you kids out there, don't be racist.

I'm to tired to check this thing for spelling or grammer, so there is my journal for today hopefully now that its summer I can write in it more. See Ya!
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Another new day

I havn't writen in Live journal in forever!
It's kinda getting boring, but mabe thats just because I never write in it.
I'm working really hard to get good grades before the school year runs out. Mrs. VanFossen gave the requirements for Honors Wnglish next year they kind of look hard but I can do it. I can't stop thinking about this girl at school I never really talk to her and I'm always kind of stupid when I see her. I try to act like I don't see her but I catch her looking at me sometimes, but then I look back and she looks away. She's not in any of my classes but hopefully next year she'll be.
I had this band thing today, we got a second grade rating because of this kid named David Porter. I hate that kid so much, he doesn't care if we did good or not he's just a jerk. I heard that some 'other kids' beat him up in the bathroom. Serves him right, the little punk.
I might go to summer camp with my church this summer but only if some of my friends go. I ended up going before by myself because i thaught that my friends were gonna go to High school camp, but they went to Jr. High. So ended up hanging out with Adam Janhkoh(i don't know how to spell his name), and got picked on by the Seniors, and I got my wallet stolen that i got for Christmas.
I finished the day on a good note though, I found out that I've doubled all my lifts since we started weight lifting. I was pretty proud of myself.
School is getting really dull and I can't wait for summer. i might do football but its about a 60% no right now. There's just to much gong on.
"Just call me subway"
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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Today I went to the early service with my mom and sister. My dad had to take care of some bussiness at home. I sat in front of Matt Young, he was talking to himself the whole time and kept on hitting my seat.
There is this guy Sean that thinks I'm is friend. I really don't like him cuz he curses all the time and he makes fun of people that I like. He goes to Sante Fe High, and brags about all his hockey induries, he's a jerk too. I sit with Shawn's cousins B.J. and Steven, they are really cool but this other guy isn't. i just ignore him now.
I'm working on this Star Wars puzzle, ya, a puzzle, it has 550 peices and is really detailed. I'm half way done with it though so thats cool.
I'm goin to Knotts on Friday so that will be fun. I can't wait, I never get out of the house.
Its really hot outside and inside. I miss Whittier alot, but I love this house. i like not having to wake up at 6:00 every morning, and I like having my own room. But I just like whittier alot it is the coolest city in L.A. County.
They showed the Freedom Celebration video in church today. It was alright.
I hope the girl I like goes to Knott's day. maybe we can talk or something, i mostly wanna have fun though.
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(no subject)

Today I said hi to someone and got dissed I guess people don't like me. I say "hi" to people in the hallway and they don't reply. sometimes even my friends. ? Oh well maybe I need to act like an ass and then I'll get more atention, kinda like silvino. Na
I watched Chapelle Show the other day, (I think thats how you spell his name) it is sooooo funny. Wayne Brady guest starred on the show and made three times more hilarious. My dad has been listening to Christian music instead of ARROW. I like christian music but I hope he doesn't make me stop listening to ARROW and KLOS. I need to start a diet for wrestling I've gained almost 10 pounds since season. I wanna make 145's. hopefully the test that we have to take willl let me go down that far.
My mom went on this womens retreat, and my sister went to my other sisters hoouse and my brother works. So it is just me and my dad at home and it's kind of awkward. He's really cool at school but at home he's... venting about the day. So you kids that stress him out, don't lissen and act like smart asses and think it's funny. It comes down on me not my mom or anyone else me cuz I'm the only other guy. He drills me on people that go to my school when I get home. He asks about everything and anything, it sucks. I always answer with the ever prosperous "I don't know?" or "they don't tell me". Why do parents put that kind of presure on their kids don't they know that they aren't gonna rat out people that they know or that are their friends.
I said hi the girl that I like and she just stared at me smiling and semmed like she was to afraid to answer. I guess thats a good sign? i don't ever get my hopes up though because well, I never get anything.
Joey pissed me off today, that little, lazy, stupid, wanna be skater actually took me down in wrestling. I slipped doing one of my throws and he fell on top of me. I'll make him pay.
thats really about my day besides the A i got on my spelling quiz.
today I have a song, its YES.

"Ive seen all good people turn their heads each day, so satisfied. I'm on my way. x2
(a little latin guitar)
Take the straighter stronger course to the corner of you life,
make the wite queen, she runs so fast, she hasn't got time to make you a wife.
Cuz time is time and time with your time and is news,
Is captured!
For the queen to use.
move me onto any black square, move me anytime you want.
Just remember that the gold, is for us all to capture all we want.
Cuz time is time and time with your time and is news.
Is captured!
For the Queen to use.
(Vocal harmony)
Music and guitar rifts
Ive seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way. x100

I don't know if it's really one hundred, I never counted but they say that line alot.
Its one of Yes' greats and they make so many awsome songs I need to get another album.
Oh ya and I had dinner at Frisco's
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Today April 20

Today was a good day, thats a rare thing with me. I'm not saying all the other days are bad it's just that today was just a good day, no reason.
I did ok in wrestling and had fun. Jeremy looked like he was doing well. I don't know how things are between me and Daniel though, I don't know if we're still friends or he dosn't like me anymore. We nrver talk about that day or talk...ever. He's talked to me once or twice during wrestling but never in front of other people. I made him laugh today so that was a plus. Hopefully we can still be friends but its just not the same anymore.
I learned a new wrestling move today that my dad showed me. I thaught I knew how to do the crab ride he showed me the right way.
I hope i can get a new flugal horn or a strat. I really like strats, but I don't like telecasters though, they just look weird.
I wore my members only jacket yesterday, got a few comments, good ones.
I envy Daniel and his season tickets to all the home USC football games. I hope my grandpa envites me to alot more, its cool he now calls me his USC budy because no one except for me, him, my grandma, and my family like USC. My grandma can't go cuz she has cancer, which really stinks cuz she sooo awsome, and no one in my family wants to spend alone time with gramps. Me and him are the only ones that really get along.
I remember when he was having cramps and bad back problems. My little sister at the time was only three; she would call him "Crampa" cuz she couldn't say grandpa. We all thaught that it was hilarious, so did he.
Thats just a litlle hometown memory for you.
Yes I know copy cat, but i do have a song for you and it was stuck in my head the whole day.
"I want you to want me,
I need you to need me,
I love you to love me,
and I pleed you to pleed me."
Thats all i really know but I don't get that last line. ???
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Good-Bad Day

Today was a kind of a bad day. I got a 66% on my C.H. report adn was really mad cuz I worked really hard on it. Then I got a bad grade on my Biology test. I got to English and everything went kinda good I aced my English test. Got a hi from "girl" which was nice, and then I got to wrestling and thats where i found out that we got to play a game. Me and my team lost the first round and then won the next one at a price, i got a nice big black eye. It hurt really bad at first but then was ok. I put ice on it and the swelling went down, but now its all hot and its gotten big again. I was complaining about it a little and Daniel told me I had nothing to complain about. He was kinda right, but black eyes only get uglier looking and easter is comming up and everything. This is my third black eye this season and I seem to be making a patern. It is all good though my friend isn't getting expelled I"M SOOOOOO HAPPY. Hopefully things stay well but I'm fealing kinda sick like flu kinda sick. Oh great I think I'm gonna throw up oh please don't let me throw up. I hate being sick, I'm getting that tingly fealing in the back of my tonge as I type. I'm desgracing God by getting sick on his resurection day. Now this just turned into a bad day.
I was gonna write a song but i don't feel well.
Peace out.
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love struck

Today I relized that really like this one girl lets call her... girl... anyways she is really pretty and I she seems really cool. I don't know if she has a boyfriend already though, man would that suck. She's pretty atletic and has the nicest eyes and I see her everyday. Ebough with that talk and time for some fun.
Wrestling is going great and I had an A+ weekend it sucks that I have to go to school tomorrow though, I can't wait for summer, I'll settle wit spring break but I really want summer. I got asked to perform next year for Chapman uiversity in their annual Honor band, I'm kinda impressed. I seeking out lessons from a professional musician so that I can get really good. My neice had her 3rd B-day party on Saturday! 3 I can't belive it she's so big and has the mouth of a teenage girl going through puberty. She tried to tell me off the other day and got a huge spanking from my sister, HA that'll show her. my other niece who is 1 is so cute she is so patient and kind and hardly ever cry's. She came up to me and layed down right next to me and was trying to talk to me all i could do was smile, she had never done that before.
I want to go to masters next year in wrestling so that I can say that I went somewhere in wrestling, I hope that my friends ear gets better so that he can go with me to wrestling club at some other high school.
Chuch history Sucks soooooo bad I like the teachers and everything its just that I have this huge term paper that is ten pages long and is taking up my weekend. I'll get it done.
Song in my head:

"The Best Thing For You"

Nat King Cole
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Sick Day

Today I was home sick and did alot. I finished my stupid book finally and then went online for a while. Did I ever say that USC rocks. I was really board today, my mom wouldn't stop nagging me and pestering me about everything. I love my mom but sometimes they just get iritating. She's been like this for sometime, I wonder of she's haveing that midle-age... nevermind. i tried to do a buddy chat online, i got a few people to join but they all left and it was just me and Rico, now thats pur fun right there. I'm feeling good enough to go back to  school tomorrow and watch Vincent give his oral report. oh ya I went to ebaumsworld.com and played some of the games. Some of them were kinda bad though. I don't know if I'll be going back. I can't wait for spring break, it's gonna be sooooo good. I'm gonna go to everywhere I can. Peace out

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I've got the music

Tose were some good burgers man. I don't relly feel that good I think I might stay home tomorrow.
I have a YES song in my head lately.
"Yours is no disgrace"
Its pretty stinkin long. I gotta thank my dad for getting me into classic rock it truely is the best music. My friend Daniel has the same excuse too. Then there is this guy Shawn I think he likes it just to be cool because his dad isn't even as old as mine and Daniels. You wanna know some other koinkidink Daniel's dad and my dad went to the same high school that was 35 years ago, and now today they're sons go to the same high school. I don't know were Shawn's dad went to high school probably somewhere in San Francisco. (heh heh)Na his dad is really cool. I don't listen to religiously and try to memorize the words and keep a little file of all the songs I memorized. And I don't like all classic rock bands just YES, QUEEN, GUNS & ROSES, and CHICAGO. My mom actually got me liking chicago because it's her favorite band. Then this guy Aaron started up with Led Zeplin this and Guns & Roses that. O well at least people aren't listening to crud like rap and R&B. That stuff sucks. As far as music goes with me I'm pretty open minded about things. Oh ya and I absolutly LOATH punk rock, some mettal, and EMO. I'd much rather listen to rap not R&B though. The ultemate music talented and skill wise is JAZZ nothin' beats it. If you you play an instrument like me and you play JAZZ it's incredibe there's nothing like it.
I play the trumpet by the way. It'a funny I think of all the people in the band as band Nerds except for myself. maybe because they don't know how to relax and just enjoy their instrument. They fret about what songs we play and how fast and how long I just sit there quit the entire class, make a few comments here an there but mostly just diong what the teacher tells me. I hope to get a scholorship one day i've already gotten into 3 honor bands these past two years. I'm also the drum major for our school. if you don't know what that is it's the marching band leader, I know it sounds dorky but it's a respectable possision and I'm glad to have it.

Word of Avice!

Whats said in the journal stays in the journal
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